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quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Lauryn Hill J. Period -The Best Of Lauryn Hill Volume 1

1. Welcome: The Passion
2. The Reintroduction F. Rohan Marley
3. Lost Ones (J.Period Soundclash Remix)
4. Lost Ones (J.Period Definition Remix)
5. Vocab Interlude
6. Nas On Lauryn Hill
7. If I Ruled The World
8. If I Ruled The World (J.Period Lost Tapes Remix)
9. Keep It Tight F. Dj SkribbleOn Poetry (Interlude)
10. Family Business
11. Year Of The Dragon F. Wyclef
12. The Score
13. Meeting The Fugees Interlude
14. Nappy Heads (Remix)
15. Flex Freestyle (J.Period Remix)
16. Black Thought Interlude
17. Doo Wop (J.Period Atliens Remix)
18. Doo Wop (J.Period Books Remix)
19. Sweetest Thing (Mahogany Remix)
20. Mahogany F. John Forte (J.Period Remix)
21. Ready For The Show
22. Ready Or Not F. Biggie (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
23. Message Music (Interlude)
24. Recognition F. Wyclef (Panther)
25. Rumble In The Jungle F. Q-Tip & John Forte (Remix Produced By J.Period)
26. Refugees In Sweden Interlude (Live Exclusive)
27. Zealots‘96 Uk Freestyle (Unreleased)
28. How Many Mics
29. How Many Mics (J.Period Truth Remix)
30. Buju Banton Interlude
31. Killing A Soundboy F. Buju Banton + Steele (World Premiere! Remix Prod. By J.Period)
32. Strictly Roots Interlude (Live Exclusive)
33. Watch Out For Babylon Freestyle (J.Period Jamrock Remix)
34. You Have To Respect Jersey (J.Period Exclusive)
35. Allies (F. Wise Intelligent)
36. Cowboys F. Fugees, Outsidaz & Rah Digga
37. Bam Bam Interlude (Prod. By J.Period)
38. Fu Gee La (Sly & Robbie Remix)
39. Ex-Factor (Simple Breakdown) (J.Period Headache Remix)
40. Simple Breakdown (J.Period Respiration Remix)
41. Change Comes Eventually Interlude
42. Everything Is Everything
43. Bonus: Soon As I Get Home (Live In Sweden)

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DeGe disse...

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desculpe a falha....kkkk.....


smash disse...

esse blog é do kralho, d+.
o album da Lauryn Hill da falha quando se tenta descomprimi-lo.
reposte-o por favor, esse album é essencial...

Anônimo disse...

a senha certa = ladrolama